MANA House

MANA (Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force) House is the transitional housing facility for Madison Street Veterans Association. At this location we provide 53 clients with everything they need to get back on their feet such as:

  • Hot Meals
  • Transportation & Bicycles
  • Clothing
  • Computer Access
  • Laundry & Showers
  • Drug-Free environment
  • Job Services

Once a client submits an application, we review their information to see how we can best serve their needs with our available resources. Once a veteran passes the screening process, they are allowed to stay at the MANA House for up to two (2) years while actively searching for work or filing VA and/or Social Security Claims. The address of the MANA house is 755 E Willetta, Phoenix Az., 85006. The phone number is 602 254 6785.